Leverage our PatientEdge™ database of more than 500,000 members for your patient recruitment projects. Quickly reach disease-specific populations about their experiences, satisfaction, product feedback and other insights – or target general populations of health-conscious consumers.

Examples of Patient Recruitment Projects for Other Recruiters:

  • Marketing Research
  • Electronic Clinical Outcome Assessment (eCOA)
  • Patient Recruitment for Marketing Companies
  • Web-based Studies

Our Patient Recruitment Services for Other Recruiters include:

Single-site listing

Engage with our members around a single location. When you post a study on ClinicalConnection.com we send a "new study alert" to any members near your location who are likely to be interested in your project.

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Multi-site Listing

Engage with our members around multiple locations. ClinicalConnection.com attracts more than a quarter million visitors every month. Each of your locations will have a customized listing so that visitors find the nearest location to them.

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Patient Engagement Surveys

We’ll create a Survey Listing on Clinicalconnection.com with your approved content and send an email to relevant members in our database, informing them of the new listing. Depending on your preference, the listing may contain a link to your survey, or direct participants to a telephone survey. The Survey Listing will also be viewed by individuals who visit ClinicalConnection.com to search for disease-specific clinical trials or healthy volunteer studies.

Nationwide Email Recruitment

Engage with our members across the entire United States. We’ll create a single listing on Clinicalconnection.com with your approved content that is non-location specific. The listing can include a link to a website or a contact form that will send contact information to your preferred email address. You will be billed based on the number of members we send the email alert to.

We are prepared to take on any Study Participant recruitment project, please feel free Contact Us to inquire about your patient recruitment needs. For more information, email info@clinicalconnection.com or call 1-800-887-0639.