Website Development Services: SiteLift™ for Research Sites

Technology enhancments coupled with digital strategies and online marketing have revolutionized the clinical research industry and patient access to clinical trials. SiteLift™ is an exclusive service from ClinicalConnection. It enables us to use the most advanced technologies to build a custom online web platform that will meet your study site's unique needs. SiteLift™ includes technologies that can:

  • List your current and future trials.
  • Register potential study participants for active or upcoming trials.
  • Manage your clinical trials patient flow.
  • Manage databases of potential study participants.
  • Showcase your facility, staff, expertise and databases to potential sponsors.

ClinicalConnection can partner with you to develop and deploy an investigator website that will enable you to take the next step forward in conducting clinical research at your investigator site. Our websites are fully customizable, mobile-enabled and optimized so that search engines, patients and study sponsors can easily find you.

In-depth feature list:

  • Responsive Design: We understand the importance of a website looking great and functioning properly on any device. Our websites are designed to automatically adjust to properly display on tablets, smart phones and desktop computers.
  • Client Back-End: Each website comes with a client back-end that will enable any member of your staff, regardless of their tech experience, to do the following:
    • Post, manage and remove study listings
    • Search databases of potential study participants
    • Access traffic metrics
    • Easily visualize potential study participant flow and identify remaining steps through randomization
  • Referral Alerts: Potential study participants can fill out an interest form at the bottom of your study listings, sending their contact information directly to your inbox and added automatically to your database for easy management.
  • Database building: Potential study participants can easily join your database and choose to be contacted when new clinical trials become available. The sign-up process is secure and allows the patient to select the medical conditions that they are interested in.

Sample Websites

You can also request a free, no obligation assessment of your existing patient recruitment website from ClinicalConnection, the leading technology partner for the clinical research industry.

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