Study Listings for Clinical Research Sites, Hospitals and Physician Practices

Recruiting qualified and compliant patients within a study enrollment window is the most challenging aspect of your clinical research. delivers local patient referrals to your study center who are highly motivated and interested in your trials.

Each month ClinicalConnection refers thousands of patients and healthy volunteers to research centers that are utilizing our services.

How It Works:

By posting your trials on, they will be viewed by:

  • Individuals who are actively seeking study participation at
  • Members of our exclusive PatientEdge™ database with more than 500,000 potential Study Participants.

If a potential Study Participant is interested in your study you will receive their contact information immediately by email for follow-up. Click here to view more information about our members.

Study Listing Service

Member Email Alerts

Our exclusive PatientEdge™ database has more than 500,000 members actively seeking clinical trials. When you post a study on we send a "new study alert" to those members near your study center who are likely to be interested.

Real-Time Referral Alerts

Each time a potential study participant expresses interest in your trial, you'll receive their contact information immediately by email for follow-up. Alternatively, we can direct participants to call your study center.

Visitor Traffic

Each month hundreds of thousands of clinical trial seekers visit to find studies near them.

Advanced Study Center Profile

If you have active studies listed on, your study center profile is featured on our website giving patients, Sponsors and CROs information about your facilities and expertise.

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Client Satisfaction

Study Centers utilizing report a high degree of satisfaction with patient referrals.

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Learn about pricing for individual study centers.

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Optional Services

Website Development

ClinicalConnection can partner with you to develop and deploy an investigator website that will enable you to take the next step forward in conducting clinical research at your investigator site. Our websites are fully customizable, mobile-enabled and optimized so that search engines, patients and study sponsors can easily find you.

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Clinical Ad Network™

For an additional fee, will advertise your clinical trial on our network of health-related websites and search engines, greatly increasing the number of visitors to your study listing and referrals.

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Premium Listings

This is an optional upgrade that can be applied to new and existing study listings that will increase overall recruitment performance.

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Patient Direct Mail Alerts

Leverage our growing database of patients seeking clinical trials by delivering information about your multicenter clinical trial directly to their mailbox.

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If you are a new research site, or if you haven't listed any clinical trials on for at least 1 year, you can list up to three clinical trials at 50% off for the first month. Just use the promo code "50%offTrial" when you create your study.

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