We offer three pricing options for individual study centers:

  • Per-Study Pricing:

    You will be charged a monthly fee per study, there are no additional fees for the patient referrals that are sent to you.

    • 1st and 2nd studies billed at $79.00 per study, per month.
    • 3rd through 10th studies are billed at $59.00 per study, per month. (25% savings)

    If you would like to post more than 10 studies at a single site, please see our flat rate pricing below.

  • Pay Per Referral:

    With per-referral pricing, there is no monthly fee for posting your studies on ClinicalConnection.com. You will only be billed when you receive patient referrals for your studies from potential participants. For details contact us or call 1-800-887-0639.

  • Flat Fee For All Studies:

    Pay one monthly fee to post all of your active studies. You may add and remove studies any time and you are never billed any additional fees.

    • Post up to 15 active studies for $499 per month.
    • Post up to 30 active studies for $699 per month.

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