The Premium Listing option is an upgrade to your posting that will promote your study and will increase overall recruitment performance. All existing and new study postings are eligible to be upgraded to the premium listing.

What is included in the Premium Listing?

  • Increased Visibility - We will display your posting more prominently in our search results and "Nearby Studies" section.
  • Additional Email Alert - A targeted Email Alert for your study will be sent every 45 days. (Email Alerts are sent every 90 days for standard listings).
  • Inclusion in our Geo-Targeted Newsletter - In addition to more frequent email alerts your study will be included in a newsletter email that is sent to members in your area.
  • Ability to upload recruitment videos - If you have an IRB approved recruitment video for your study we can upload it for you.

How much does it cost?:

The fee for each premium listing upgrade is $100 per month. Whether you pay by study, flat-rate, or per-referral you have the option of upgrading your posting to a Premium Listing. This fee will just be added to your current billing option and you may choose to upgrade as many postings as you would like.

Where can I learn more?:

To learn more call 800-887-0639 or email and one of our qualified representatives will provide you with more information.

Try for 50% off!

If you are a new research site, or if you haven't listed any clinical trials on for at least 1 year, you can list up to three standard clinical trial listings at 50% off for the first month. Just use the promo code "50%offTrial" when you create your study.

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