The Clinical Ad Network is an additional service that can increase visits to your study posting and patient referrals through Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising. It leverages the millions of people who utilize search engines like Google to find clinical trials and health information on the Internet.

How does the Clinical Ad Network work?

ClinicalConnection will create targeted, text-based ads for your study. These targeted ads are designed to use your advertising dollars efficiently. The ads will only be shown to those who reside in and around your study market, and who are searching for health or clinical trial information related to the medical condition for your study.

Here's an example for an Alzheimer’s disease study in Phoenix: When someone in metro Phoenix navigates to Google and types in search terms (keywords) such as “Alzheimer’s,” “Alzheimer’s studies,” “memory research,” etc., they will be shown one of your ads. The ad will explain that an Alzheimer’s study is available and invites the viewer to click on it to learn more. By clicking, they are redirected to your Alzheimer’s study posting on where they can review the summary and be referred to your study site.

In addition, the ads will be shown to individuals who search health and medical websites using search terms related to your study.

What is the pricing for the Clinical Ad Network?

There is an additional cost for the Clinical Ad Network. It’s based on the standard Pay-Per-Click advertising model where a fee is automatically paid to the search engine (e.g., Google) each time someone clicks on your ad, indicating their interest in learning about your study. The actual fee paid to the search engine can vary based on the keywords and location targeted. Specifically, keywords and locations that are more competitive have a higher fee per click.

We’ve made pricing simple for you by creating five different budget levels that will effectively drive traffic to your study posting. When you log into your account, post your study, and indicate that you may be interested in the Clinical Ad Network, you can review these levels and select the one appropriate for your budget. Regardless of the budget level chosen, ClinicalConnection will create a customized campaign designed to generate more exposure for your study posting. For more information, please email us at or call us at 800-887-0639.

What is the pricing for the Clinical Ad Network?

It takes experience and knowledge of best practices to create and deploy a successful Pay-Per-Click ad campaign. ClinicalConnection has been running effective PPC campaigns for over nine years. Our team has a thorough understanding of the clinical trials industry and insights into how and why potential study participants are searching for clinical trial information. Our knowledge of the most effective keywords, proper campaign structure, budget allocation and effective advertising copy has helped many of our clients maximize their return on investment (ROI).

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